Multi-Axis Workholding Solutions Specifically Designed for 5-Axis Machining:

AMT Innovations is proud to release our new patented (US 9289869) workholding line of products, Get-A-Grip®.

Get-A-Grip® is a standard product line of 4 and 5-axis workholding solutions. While these solutions have been developed mostly for multi-axis CNC milling, they also offer advantages for common 3-axis CNC machining work and even 2-axis CNC turning.

Flexible product options allow users to apply this technology to palletized 4-axis horizontal CNC mills with tombstones, 5-axis CNC machines as well as CMM fixtures.

The Stainless Steel™ Logo seen above is a trademark and badge of the build quality this product offers. The use of robust materials and innovative design elements bring flexibility and time-saving benefits to our customers which will result in a dramatic increase in production and profits.

Please check back for the new models and accessories in the upcoming months.

5-Axis Workholding Fixture Get-A-Grip in Action:

Get-A-Grip Features:

  • Robust, Hardened, Stainless Steel Construction
  • Positive Clamping / Un-Clamping (No Reliance on springs)
  • Single clamp screw
  • Precision clamp slide
  • Unlike competitive products, the dovetail / clamping geometry does not distort or deform workpiece
  • Triangular contact geometry eliminates the need for an indexing pin
  • Triangular dovetail geometry provides 3 evenly spaced, radial force vectors for superior gripping
  • Clamping geometry allows for excellent repeatability in part removal and re-clamping
  • Available in modular and non-modular configurations for greater flexibility
  • Multiple models and configurations to hold large parts
  • Internal clamping geometry reduces material preparation area and can be strategically placed where the finished part may have a pocket which greatly reduces secondary operations
  • Precision tolerances and fixture locating features
  • 3D CAD (Solidworks) Models available
  • Made in USA
The recommended maximum workpiece is 5″ x 5″ x 5″ for Get-A-Grip Size 1.000 when using a single fixture. It is possible to hold a larger workpiece when using multiple fixtures as shown.
Five Axis Workholding Fixture Shown with Riser

Raw Material shown cut in half to illustrate internal details

Get-A-Grip 5-Axis Workholding Shown with Raw Material Cut in Half

Get-A-Grip shown in DMG MORI DMU50 5-Axis Machining Center

5-Axis workholding Get-A-Grip shown in DMG MORI DMU 50
DMU50 photo and application courtesy of Boldt Machinery, Inc. Erie, PA
Multiple Get-A-Grip Workholding Fixtures used to hold a large workpiece for 4axis or 5-Axis CNC Milling

Multiple Get-A-Grip Fixtures used to hold a large part (4″ x 4″ x 16″)

Workholding Fixture, Get-A-Grip used to hold a large workpiece for 5-Axis or Multi-Axis Machining

Stationary Bodies used with Clamp-Only Bodies to hold large workpieces

Customer Supplied Examples

5 axis dovetail workholding 14
5 axis dovetail workholding 13
5 axis dovetail workholding 12
5 axis dovetail workholding 11
5 axis dovetail workholding 10
5 axis dovetail workholding 09
5 axis dovetail workholding 08
5 axis dovetail workholding 07
5 axis dovetail workholding 04
5 axis dovetail workholding 03
5 axis dovetail workholding 02
5 axis dovetail workholding 01
5 axis workholding
5 axis dovetail workholding 06
5 axis workholding
5 axis dovetail workholding 05