Dovetail Workholding Fixtures for 3, 4 and 5-Axis Machining

AMT Innovations brings the metalworking industry cutting edge, Multi-Axis working holding fixtures specifically design for 5-Axis machining.

Made from hardened stainless steel and held to rigorous manufacturing standards and tolerances, this standard, off-the-shelf product line is the most flexible and robust CNC workholding on the market.

Users can apply these innovative dovetail workholding fixtures to common 3-axis work, 4-axis tombstone fixtures, 4-axis rotary tables and even simple 2-axis turning. When used with 5-axis machining centers, 5-sided part machining can be achieved with exceptional rigidity and clearance to the workpiece.

CAT 40 Tool Holder Tightening Fixture, The Safest and Most Flexible on the Market

Looking for a safe, flexible, operator friendly tool tightening fixture to setup your CAT 40 Tool holders?

Look no further: Versa-LOK is the safest and most flexible product on the market providing fast and easy tool holding setup and assembly.

Innovation Fueled by Passion

AMT Innovations brings the CNC Metalworking and Machining industry robust and cutting edge products to increase efficiency for an ultimate gain in productivity.

Ordinary tools can get the job done, but will it be done the safest and least time consuming way? This is where AMT Innovations excels.

As a collaboration between engineers, designers, toolmakers and CNC machinists with decades of experience, we strive to develop the best tooling and workholding solutions.

Our patented and patent pending designs are unique in the market place and the advantages, attention to detail and manufacturing quality are second to none.

We are humans fueled by passion for what we do and how we do it. We incorporate only the best materials, processes and design practices in our products. Sleek, flexible designs are a reflection of our dedication to our customers and of our commitment that only the best will do.